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Newsy News

Have any of you scallawags seen my buried treasure? I’m told someone hid it at the Bronx Zoo so that’s where I’ll be digging this October.

Find me hiding in Boo at the Zoo’s Haunted Hayride.Chart your course here:  https://bronxzoo.com/

Music News

Guess who started a band…? Teaming up with Jonathan J. Sharp, our first album is now nearly complete. Catch a sneak peek of our latest open mic (and very first performance of one of our latest originals) here:

The album is getting closer. Time to finish that last note...

Choreography News

So excited to be returning to one of the first companies I worked with in NYC, this time as the choreographer! Coming this summer, What Dreams May Co. and Queens Shakespeare team up again to produce Bare: A Pop Opera. Follow our journey at queensshakespeare.com.

Directing News

Just joined forces with the new powerhouse company that is THML! I’ll be directing the premier of The Owl Girl this spring. Keep an eye on thml.org for more as this project progresses.

MORE Directing News

Thrilled to announce that I’ll be directing an abbreviated version of the classic Hamlet this fall with The AlphaNYC. Ticket information available at thealphanyc.com

Acting News

Recently finished the first Off-Broadway run of the new musical, God Save Queen Pam. Such a joy to be a part of this project. For more information on the show and where you can catch it next, please visit godsavequeenpam.com.

Last Year's News

Waste Fraud and Abuse

13th Street Repertory Theatre was the host for this smashing success. Sold-out houses and great reviews for Bryna's helming of a new NYC underground classic.

Happy Christmakkah

From the Bryna Kearney helmed production of Oy! at The AlphaNYC.